Client Reviews

“Over the last 20 years, my expertise in employee benefits was developed out of necessity, not by choice. When anyone started to talk to me about benefits, my eyes glazed over in under five minutes. My professional relationship with you changed all that. You have a unique ability to explain this stuff, AND make it interesting. From creating context – making the case for change, to drilling down into some pretty arcane plan design features and funding arrangements, to setting rates – your skill at going from the macro level to the micro level is something to behold.”
VP of HR for a Multi-National Defense Contractor (5,000+ Employees)

“We have worked with Benefit Staff for several years now and have been extremely happy with their service. The financial reporting that they provide is clear and easily understandable, which allows us to make sound decisions regarding employee benefits and their financial impact. They respond to employee claims issues immediately and diligently work to resolve them. Their frequent interaction with our employees makes them easily approachable and accessible. They led us through the transition from a fully-insured medical plan to self-insurance, which has provided substantial savings over time. Their service model is to act as advisors, rather than brokers, so we know that they always have our best interests in mind. The cost savings has been dramatic.”
Senior VP for a Global Engineering Design Company (800+ Employees)

“Mike brings a real-world approach to basing decisions on fact, dealing with integrity, and building trust.”
CEO for a Multi-Location Hospital (350+ Employees)

“Brad, it’s not possible to thank you enough for your efforts during union negotiations.  Your efforts made the difference.”
VP of HR for a Manufacturing Company (400+ Employees)

“Thanks to Mike, we are digging into important issues, setting the right course for our company.”
CEO for a Health Plan (800+ Employees)

“Brad has a gifted ability to explain insurance that actually keeps our attention!”
HR Director for a Non-Profit Organization (500+ Employees)

“Mike has rare talents for synthesizing data into information and keeping a big picture perspective.”
CEO for a Medical Group (175+ Employees)

“Brad is an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable.  He has a great way to communicate complex information in a very simple, logical way.  He was a delight to listen to.  He makes even ACA entertaining and easy to understand.”
Comment from an HR Director attending one of our ACA Reporting Seminars

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