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Our Team

Brad Johnson, GBA, REBC, RHU, SHRM-CP

Brad is not your typical benefits professional. He has the unique ability to make employee benefits interesting; providing an understandable review of your options, in simple, easy-to-follow terms. By doing so, he ensures everyone understands the key issues and makes informed decisions. Brad’s insights are a result of his 25-year career working with benefits; having served as a national accounts underwriter, benefit analyst, researcher, large group consultant, and college lecturer. He founded the company to provide the expertise of large consulting firms, including access to all markets, without the high overhead and negative influences of commissions that plague traditional brokerage models. Brad is a teacher at heart. Whether he’s working one-on-one with a member of your team, or leading a seminar for 1,000 people, he conveys valuable information in an easy-to-understand, enjoyable fashion. He’s not your typical benefits professional. But perhaps he should be yours!

Mike Beaderstadt, CPA

Mike has looked at benefits from all sides in his nearly 40 years in the business world – working for a major HMO, as a director at a local hospital, as a COO at a large medical group and as a CFO. As a result, Mike’s approach to problem solving involves walking all the way around the problem and viewing it from many different angles. He understands the major drivers of your claim experience and has a proven track record of making an impact on that experience. He is keenly aware of how benefits impact an organization – its employees and their morale/job satisfaction, its recruiting for the best and brightest, and its bottom line. As a manager, Mike was most proud of  his ability to develop people. His creativity is contagious, and people who have worked with Mike say they are better at problem solving because of the skills Mike taught them. Let Mike look at your employee benefit problems – and show you another perspective.

Tally Curry

Tally brings creativity and fun to every project she touches – whether it’s creating memorable employee communication pieces using the latest technology, spicing up a compliance training, rolling out an online enrollment platform, or helping an organization solve a challenging problem.     Her genuine, helpful, and friendly demeanor will quickly endear her to any member of your team.  Once you meet Tally, you won’t be surprised to learn that her strong entrepreneurial and organizational ability were honed from years being a business owner as well as parent!

Our team is equally comfortable helping you, your most-seasoned Board member and your newest employee.

We believe we’ve earned the right to be called experts in our field, but that expertise is meaningless unless we deliver it in a way that is well received.


We take all of the complexities of group benefits and express them in terms all will understand.

No spin. No glitz. Just good, honest advice. We will perform all the complex calculations to assure you make good decisions, but we’ll also communicate to your employees through enrollment meetings in ways that they will all understand.


We chose the name Benefit Staff  because it depicts how we want to work with you – as an important part of your staff.

When you hire a staff person, you know exactly how much that person is paid. Likewise, our compensation will be completely transparent and agreed to up front!  Each month you will decide whether or not we are earning the right to remain part of your team.   While we have complete access to all insurance products, we don’t want to be your insurance broker – someone who stops by once a year to deliver a renewal and blame the insurance companies. We want to be a trusted member of your team. We want to be your Benefit Staff.