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Instead of using a broker, consider Benefit Staff…

Providing All-Inclusive, Commission-Free Benefit Consulting

Tired of Being Sold Something?

We are too! There are many capable advisors out there. But while they are giving advice, they have pressure to meet their quota to sell new products and services to their clients. It can divert their attention and make you question their advice.

Benefit Staff is not a ‘sales organization’. We don’t base our advice on bonuses or kickbacks – we don’t even accept them. We are uniquely positioned to show you alternatives that do not include buying insurance. Most advisors would go out of business with that strategy.

If this appeals to you, we should talk.  When we meet, you’ll find that we are genuine and down-to-earth, but definitely not salespeople! We look forward to hearing from you.

Commission-Free Benefits

Did you know that commissions of almost $500 per year per employee may be included in your employee benefit premiums?

We will bring you benefits without commissions, immediately lowering the price of your employee benefits. The advantage of commission-free benefits goes way beyond the lower price. It means that you’re not paying a broker more simply because you’ve added an employee.

Our model is unique. Removing commissions from the compensation arrangement provides advice that is certain to be in your best interest – not in the best interest of your advisor.  We invite you to review our sample of services today.

Trouble staying on top of Healthcare Regulations?

We’ve studied the law. We’re on top of the regulations. It’s time to take the emotions out of the equation and determine what your company needs to do. We don’t give legal advice but we do give practical advice on dealing with the rules. Each company may require a different approach.  We’ll be happy to give you down-to-earth, understandable advice on the next steps your company should take.

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